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Changes on 06-12-16:

  • Airlocks are now much better about detecting that baby that's in a backpack in a stroller in a shower on a furniture trolley when cycling.
  • Babies created using the genetic sequencing lab will now properly article themselves when using the term "infant" in their type. You might or might not need to have yours fixed if it has already been created. Assist if there are any problems I failed to see.
  • Going forward, INFO ACHIEVEMENTS will show you how many ships you've claimed, uncharted sectors you were a part of charting, planets discovered while you happened to be standing around on the ship, and profitable trades you made when you accidentally bought something at a trading center and had to unload it somewhere because you forgot about expel.
  • Rejiggered mission assignment rooms a great deal, mostly to modernize and organize things in a more streamlined fashion. No outward-facing changes should be apparent, but if you encounter something that isn't working as it should, please REPORT it.
  • Training missions are now categorized properly as training missions instead of 'other'.

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