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Changes on 06-11-21:

  • Fixed a bug where unfilled oxygen tanks on air compressors would be invisible if the ship was powered down.
  • Quality of life improvements to trading: 1. If you only have one commodity to sell, it's automatically selected. 2. Hitting enter at the unit selection prompt will select the maximum number of units. 3. If you only have a single ship on the landing pad, it's automatically selected when buying or selling.
  • The BUY command in trading centers now accepts a commodity name as an argument. e.g. 'BUY TEA LEAVES'
  • Added @TRADING-PROFIT as a new tops list to track the most profitable trades.
  • ITPN stations now categorize private properties under a separate menu header from intrasector and galactic destinations.
  • ITPN stations now conceal private destinations that you don't have access to from appearing in the main menu.
  • Fixed a horrific error that would occur if you requested a list of categories from NIRP and had no other destinations added yet.

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