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Changes on 05-31-08:

  • By popular demand, you can now buckle people in when they're lying on furniture as well as sitting.
  • Certain facilities have been given aliases for MAP <destination> feature. That means that, despite the name, MAP SHIP should always take you to the ship store. Aliases were added for landing pads, repair facilities, starship stores, comm stores, trading centers, mail rooms, rearm facilities, and apartment complexes. That should aid in navigation.
  • To make things easier, we're adding map aliases to certain facilities that have something in common, to give a sort of planetary directory listing. For now, typing MAP UPGRADES will present you with a list of any upgrade stores on the planet. In the future, MAP CLOTHES and MAP FOOD will provide a listing of every clothing store and restaurant on the planet. Of course, that requires a lot of changes, so it won't happen overnight. Upgrades are done though!
  • Fixed a long standing bug in LOOK that wouldn't show the room title of an object if players had the bag condensing option enabled. Now it will properly show NPCs sitting on details.
  • You should now never launch over a piece of debris in atmospheric salvaging.
  • Fixed a store bug where attempting to BUY <upgrade>, <regular object> would cause a traceback, as <upgrade> calls a special verb on the store and must be called seperately.
  • Modified the COMMANDS command to show sit and lie on furniture. (The verbs are on players.)
  • Droids on remote can now perform socials through the perform action menu option.
  • Made the LOOKUP command available in trading centers.

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