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Changes on 05-04-08:

  • Damage that would normally not even be 1% now shows up as 1% simply to make it clear that the ship has sustained damage to that component.
  • Main power will be restored when a charge transfer is taking place.
  • Charge transfers will now abort if the ship supply power powers down.
  • Sayto is now properly recorded during assist logging.
  • Medical droids no longer waste energy healing people who are already unstunned.
  • The INFO command should properly display total time spent connected now. Previously it would only update the value when you disconnected. Now it takes the time you've been connected into account.
  • Keys should once again not magically work from anywhere in the galaxy. You must be standing by the ship, in the ship, or outside the ship in another ship's airlock.
  • Movement in a spacesuit has been changed to 10 seconds to better reflect the time taken to move a starship since the relativity changes some time ago.
  • The wavewarp drive now reports it has destroyed an artifact rather than giving the artifact's actual name.
  • You can no longer PLACE players on furniture that isn't in the room and bolted.
  • Looking at your communicator will now tell you if the chatter channel is muted.
  • Drones should now give more appropriate messages if you try to collapse them while they are pulsed.
  • Collapsing a drone will now cause you to automatically pick it up if you have a free hand. This prevents drone theft while also not doing something classically annoying by telling somebody they can't pick something up that they really should be able to pick up. Or... something like that.
  • Corrected an error in the manual navigation help file. 1 is, in fact, southwest.
  • Corrected the communicator and getting started help files to reflect the chatter channel.

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