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Changes on 04-28-15:

  • Added the ability to adjust the total number of custom items available in a structure in architectural simulators. This is not available for people who aren't hosts, but allows us to increase the number upon request if you are building an area for public consumption.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent you from disbanding a holographic avatar following you in an architectural simulator.
  • Added a plethora of tiny secondary help files for previously undocumented options.
  • You are now given the option to keep your current name when receiving sex reassignment surgery.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow one to speak after being incapacitated if they had ROOM-O 15 enabled and waited at the spell check prompt.
  • Added an EMPTY (or eject) command to tents to bodily haul people out. No longer are these fine places a sanctuary against unrelenting day to day evils.
  • Fixed a bug with communicator socials that would prevent one from transmitting numbers alone with a social. For example, "tr chat 30 *chortles*" would return "[Chatter] Albori chortles." erasing the provided number from existence.
  • Fixed a bug where directing speech at someone could result in text being spell checked twice if you were using expressive dialogue.
  • You can no longer wait at the SHIP-EXPEL menu and expel a ship after someone else has commenced a launching sequence. Why anyone would want to do this is beyond me.
  • Expressive dialogue now appropriately makes you transmit instead of speak normally if you are in an unforgiving hostile environment.
  • Toilets now must be BOLTed before being used. Awkward indeed.
  • You can now organize Lore images into named collections.
  • You can now transmit Lore image collections to other Lorefolk.

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