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Changes on 04-21-08:

  • Bugfix: Players can no longer see hosts if they do something like @WHO REN.
  • Bugfix: If you are aiming at another player and get shot before you can fire, you now no longer fire anyway. The code was checking roundtime, not stuntime.
  • Bugfix: You should no longer hear transmission announcements when spacewalking. Especially not those of players many coordinates away.
  • In order to make STATUS as exhaustive as possible, airlock elevator music now shows up.
  • The METAF command has been improved. Now, if it can't match to another communicator, it will transmit the number you use rather than suppressing it as a failed option.
  • Added two application commands: REVIEW APPLICATION to read through your answers and ANSWER # ON APPLICATION to answer or re-answer individual questions.
  • Pending message board notifications will now be removed if you USE your reader before the announcement of new messages.
  • Fixed a bug in the message board search that displayed a private org object number instead of private org name.
  • Fixed a bug in INVALIDATE that would cause the wrong key to be invalidated if one of the keys was in #-1 or a storage room.
  • Drunk droids have been sobered. Thanks to the one person who reported this when it happened to a lot more than one droid.
  • Fixed messages on the CDP as well as PLACING somebody on furniture.
  • You now dismount if you're on a mount you do not own and you get held and taken away. This is especially important for mounts that allow multiple riders.
  • Destination finders on belts should now work when you USE them. Of course, this broke the previous USE FIND WITH <destination> functionality, but if you desperately need that you can try do_use finder with <destination>.
  • Stores now report the name of the item you're selecting options for.
  • Atmospheric salvagers no longer report being in space and being in a docking bay.
  • The policy command is now accessible to the stunned.
  • Wavewarp drives are no longer able to be used in sector 0.
  • Praelor take out blockades now. They always should have, but I forgot blockades stopped being a child of proximity weapons.
  • Ship keys can now be dropped.
  • Mounts no longer negate roundtime from walking with injured legs. This helps ensure that donator items do not have an impact on gameplay above aesthetics.
  • You can no longer transmit to alliance channels when they're muted.
  • Talking to spatial objects is no longer possible.
  • It should now no longer be possible to keep HEALing somebody in a medical center to make the process go faster. In theory.
  • Campfires now work again with both hotdogs and marshmallows. Hooray!
  • @WHO OOL now no longer includes people out of comms, even though they're technically also out of local.
  • Fixed an EXPLOIT that allowed people to get around the various screen reader crashing filters.

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