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Changes on 03-27-13:

  • Short-range communications now work in the (annoying, sorry Chris) Outreach pods.
  • Fixed a matching peculiarity where exits could be matched to bizarre, random commands. Like typing 'never' taking you northeast.
  • Potate now provide a juicy bounty when they are torn from this life.
  • You can now thrillingly PULL people out of hot tubs in a jealous rage.
  • The CARGO TOTAL command now takes weapon storage boxes into account, bringing it in line with the standard CARGO command.
  • Hot tubs no longer allow you to fill them more than once at a time, drain them more than once at a time, and they have new 'you left the room while I'm filling this is going to cause a flood!' logic.
  • Fixed a bug where you could lock on to coordinates in one sector, FTL, and then fire cannons or lasers at just the right moment and they would hit a target in the new sector regardless of distance.
  • Fixed a thing where you could stand twice if you were impatient and typed STAND while you were already unbuckling and standing.
  • Greatly enhanced toilets by making them really make you sit and stand as described.
  • Frames now take on the aliases of the objects placed inside them.
  • Further improved the lifeform detection of the SECURITY display. Nowhere left to hide!
  • Fixed a bug in the DOORAUTH command that would cause a traceback on particularly stupid doors.
  • Telescopes should no longer trigger OOB soundpack messages.
  • You now regrettably stop playing musical instruments when you fall asleep... for the most part.
  • Charm jewelry can now be put in closets.
  • Increased the prying eyes of the hatch lifeform discriminator even further than ever before!
  • The vehicles command now lists aquatic salvagers.
  • The CANCEL command has been removed from courier assignment rooms. QUIT and ABANDON are still there so use those.
  • Made carbon dioxide salvaged in atmospheres worth something more than a credit. Let us know if there are still problems.
  • The High Guard garage's heightened security now includes not spamming you with the full 20 million ship list when you TRANSPORT.
  • Added a spam warning prompt and helpful tip to the TRANSPORT command for garages containing more than 50 ships.
  • Fixed a bug in atmospheric salvager stores that allowed you to purchase specialized upgrades for every type of salvager.
  • All the old earrings which showed up as pairs of earrings in your clothing should now be converted to propper earrings which require piercings. Please report if you notice any bugs or missed stores.

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