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Changes on 03-19-13:

  • Private moons, private space stations, and small vehicles now apply to your overall worth.
  • Fixed a bug where asteroid rovers would continuously spam power failure warnings long after (forever, in fact) the power had actually failed.
  • Tubes of nutri-paste now have 25 units instead of 5.
  • Fixed a bug where launching an asteroid rover could place you in unexpected coordinates away from your ship.
  • Private moons go toward worth for real this time.
  • Construction facilities now show a percentage of completedness in the status display.
  • Fixed a dynamic room pathfinding bug that might cause chunk-carrying droids to walk to the edge of the asteroid, walk backwards a step, and then stand there looking dumb until somebody comes along to help.
  • The WEAPONS command now reflects the salvo size for cannons.
  • House rooms are now reflected in net worth.
  • Fixed Santa's bomb-- uh, toys, to work correctly after he pulls the pin-- er, winds them up.
  • REQUESTCHECK now only works if you are within communications range.

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