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Changes on 03-18-09:

  • @announcements <number> now allows you to view all announcements.
  • @changes now allows you to view previous changelogs.
  • Users of the advanced sensor array can now scan objects in space by coordinates. For example, if you spot debris at 5, 5, 7, you can type SCAN 5 5 7 to scan those coordinates.
  • If you have a debris scanner upgrade (don't panic, it's not available yet), typing SCAN DEBRIS will scan the piece of debris closest to your ship. SCAN OTHER DEBRIS etc etc will have the normal effect.
  • Released debris scanning upgrades. They allow you to see what a specific piece of debris is when you scan it.
  • All ships have been given an additional salvaging scanner.
  • Droid remotes now require biometric verification before they'll display a camera feed.

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