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Changes on 03-16-16:

  • Blast doors can now be cut with torches to gain entry. Battlecruisers can now have two blast doors. Players can now choose where to place blast doors in the ship. More information available in board post 83862.
  • Added blast door tripwires. More information available in board post 83864.
  • Added current / maximum installable blast doors to the STATUS command for those fanatics.
  • Battlecruisers can now be DISOWNed to prevent conditions where a player would be unable to purchase another one ever again.
  • It should now be possible to duck under or leap over blast doors that are in the process of opening if you time things right.
  • In order to prevent nasty accidents, it is no longer possible to launch an atmospheric salvager when landed on a planet with a hostile environment without a spacesuit.
  • You can now TRANSFER ALL in an atmospheric salvager control room to avoid seeing the transfer menu.

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