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Changes on 03-14-13:

  • Fixed a likely cause of the archaeology bug where your artifact seems to disappear when somebody enters or leaves the room. Please REPORT if it keeps happening!
  • Fixed short-range communicators on ferries.
  • Fixed the stupid room name in ferries.
  • Fixed the stupid GO exit name for ferries.
  • Fixed a pesky roundtime bug that could cause incongruities between roundtime and suspends.
  • Jumpgate projectiles no longer chase you out of the sector or on to planets/stations.
  • The PA should work in observation rooms now. More or less.
  • At long last, you can print old specialty applications again.
  • Bounties for industrial ships destroyed by BC fighters now go toward the BC that launched the fighter, not the fighter itself.
  • Drive recharge notifications are now piped correctly if you have the PIPE thing enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where probability would go on vacation and people could find enormous asteroids less than 20 LY out.
  • By popular confusion demand, pool lockers now make you naked instead of leaving your swim trunks on.

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