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Changes on 03-14-12:

  • Removed some truly ancient mining laser code that was slowing down the LAS command, particularly in crowded sectors.
  • Praelor, babies (generic), NPCs, sanitation drones, wandering animals (and friends), and salvage lifeforms now respect locked exits, including blast doors. Anything with a custom method of wandering is unmodified, so we'd appreciate continued REPORTs on things that still bypass doors. (Please give us the full name of the object in question, though. Don't just say 'my dog' or 'my wandering ambulatory banana')
  • Lore computer albums now allow you to share flat images with other people in the room, similar to how the scratchpad works.
  • Added a new GAG-OPTION to ignore Lore images when people want to show them to you.
  • Lore computers now allow you to transmit image data to another Lore ID, provided you have the appropriate hardware.

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