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Changes on 03-07-13:

  • Updated the OPTIONS help file and tediously documented every option in every category by name. So if an option confuses you, HELP [option name] should provide you some detail. Also renamed some options because they were long-winded and silly sounding.
  • Fixed full body clothing to sound slightly less stupid and also to not hide your pants if you're wearing, say, a shipsuit and other clothing. Which is just weird anyway, but you do what you want...
  • Fixed a bug with the SYSTEMS 1 command that would cause the hostile environment to persist and the ship to power up on its own after main power is restored. (Instead of you having to use the POWER command.)
  • The 'suddenly seems unable to move' message no longer shows every single time a person covering another person get hits by a stun shot.
  • Drinking reactor coolant produces real vomit now.
  • JAB social added.
  • You should all shower me in birdseed. The CLUCK social has been added. And It's long overdue in my opinion.
  • Fixed wall contents showing up twice in certain room types.

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