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Changes on 03-06-13:

  • Hitting enter in the DOORLOCK command when it asks for a new code will now remove the code entirely.
  • Using a pa in the house will now make you sound drunk if you are drunk. I'm sorry.
  • Now when you use house PA and don't give a message, it does not send a blank message.
  • Fixed a rare bug that would cause your ship to continue moving after disabling main power. (What is this, real life?!)
  • Whisper gagging and whisper color options now apply to droids who whisper.
  • The CASH command now accepts the argument INFO (or deposits or tithe) to see where your hard-earned credits are actually going if not into your burlap dollar sign satchel.
  • Fixed a variety of problems with figuring out the plurals of multiple objects for the baglady option. If you see weird pluralizations, please REPORT them!
  • Viewing the starmap while landed no longer gives you exact information about ships in the sector.
  • Manually navigating into a sector beside a star will now deploy your solar panels.
  • People with transmission confirmations enabled can no longer transmit their final plea for help if they idle on the prompt while getting stunned.
  • Players can no longer reroll and sponsor treaties they proposed as another character a week later.
  • Reasonably certain that punching a droid (or hugging or whatever) is fixed to always respond even when there is a naming conflict.
  • As a happy consequence, some pet problems have been resolved with regards to matching and weird naming conflicts.
  • Fixed a potential snafu that could arise if you somehow manage to mix forcefield spacesuit and real spacesuit and remove one or the other, instantly exposing yourself to hard vacuum and killing you.
  • Mounts are (probably) bootable now.
  • The LOOK MISC command will now display the contents of the room regardless of how many things are in the room.
  • You no longer SPRAY repair paste. You SQUIRT it. Biggest change of the day.
  • Fixed a bug where stun armor that had been eaten or otherwise destroyed would cause a traceback when you attempted to disable the armor's power.
  • Attempts to dock in a docking bay of a ship with no power now fail owing to the fact that ships need power to open doors.
  • Likewise, launching from a docking bay with no power will similarly be met with failure.
  • Talking to a RAVEN that somebody disables mid-conversation no longers causes a traceback.
  • Private communicators now show the person transmitting all of the weird modifier stuff. Like scream, yawning, crying, etc.
  • Fixed various other private communicator comm social weirdnesses. Like weird spaces. And weird plurals. And no periods.
  • Mountable lockboxes can now no longer hold furniture. (That means things you can ride that also stores things.)
  • Also normal lockboxes can't store furniture either.
  • Solar panels now stay deployed indefinitely while orbiting a star. Trickle charging, if you will.
  • INFO ACHIEVEMENTS now displays passenger transports. (though now that I think about it this command seems like a handy way to get around having to go to a point center...)

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