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Changes on 02-11-15:

  • BC fighters have been renamed to support fighters in favor of a universal design shared between the battlecruiser and eviscerator.
  • Added heavy support fighters for eviscerators, purchasable in the same store that sells fighters for battlecruisers.
  • Rearm centers can now load bardenium storage boxes onto heavy support fighters to facilitate TRANSFERing small amounts of bardenium from an eviscerator directly into the fighter for later skirmishes. Balance pending.
  • The Miriani HUD will no longer display damage to starship components if you wouldn't be able to see them via the game itself (i.e. mundane rooms without damage terminals).
  • The twelve-person eviscerator will now appear in starship simulators.
  • If your ship has multiple docking bays, you can now disable each bay door independently of the others via the SYSTEMS-command.

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