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Changes on 02-09-12:

  • Baby enchiladas have returned. Only 500 million, a real steal! I don't understand why they were taken out in the first place, best thing this game has ever seen.
  • Fixed a bug where certain escape situations would use legacy information and take you to the wrong planet. (Namely Old Angelus)
  • @custom-socials has been updated to allow for custom arguments and overriding standard socials.
  • @custom-socials now support arbitrary strings. This will require manually changing all of your old socials, but fortunately it's so new that there shouldn't be that many. Example in board post 57004, but the gist is that -%x will match to an object, %x will be arbitrary text. x being a number corresponding to the argument that you supply. So uh, good luck!
  • Also, since monkeyterm and vipmud and maybe other clients which are jerks don't like %x, ^x now works in place of %x.
  • Added a @custom-socials help file.

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