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Changes on 02-07-16:

  • Fixed an exploit that would allow starships to launch more than one interdictor every three seconds if multiple people initiated the launching process at the same time.
  • Added a note to the text of policy 6 that details specifically what characters might not be eligible for restoration.
  • Blazon rockets (also known as twink weapons of doom) have once again received a rebalance. They will no longer target weapons, and instead, will target all components on the ship. Damage incurred on components has been decreased. Time to fire rockets has been increased, based on how many rockets are loaded. You will now receive roundtime when firing rockets. The firing message has been moved to display after rockets hit, not before. Prices for rockets have also been increased. Any assists requesting to discuss these balance changes will be force canceled. We (mostly I) am sick of trying to keep up with people that can't be responsible, so this is what happens. More changes may come in the future.

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