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Changes on 01-31-15:

  • You can no longer use the ROOC channel to circumvent simulators by communicating with people outside of the simulation when that would otherwise not be possible.
  • Fixed an ancient bug that caused people to get doubled destruction bounty pay and small amounts of extra combat points from missions if they were the only one to fire on a Praelor ship.
  • Rejiggered base mission payment and combat points for the second easy mission, disrupt Praelor salvaging operations. It should now be more in line with the difficulty of completing it.
  • You can now use PIPE as an argument for the CHIME-command to pipe your airlock entrance chime throughout the entire ship. For convenience, this toggle is also available under PILOT-OPTIONS.
  • The Office of Interalliance Real Estate on Pax will now display the price for any properties that are available for auction.
  • Disambiguating private link recipients (COMM-O 8) should now be much more intelligent with who it matches to. For example, before, typing 'tr red Hello!' would have the potential to match to people named Fred and Red. Now, it will only match to Red.

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