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Changes on 01-20-13:

  • Fixed a bug in the web board where you could post messages to triiiivial places, such as OOC / Announcements and maybe your alliance diplomacy board.
  • Starship retrofit facilities now properly check to see if the starship in question is already equipped with the upgrade that you're trying to install. No more wasting precious things on ships that already have precious things!
  • The APP command in point centers should now allow you to print pre-11-26 BC applications, although some data may be lost. It will warn you if that's the case. (Data was lost when the application was recently improperly changed, sorry. The important bits still seem to be there!)
  • Biolocks now block PEERing and probably also random things that wander around.
  • Main power can no longer be disabled inside a wormhole or jumpgate to avoid the nasty complication of gruesome death.
  • The subwarp drive now has better failsafes in the event that your destination coordinates get invalidated by somebody else moving into them. It should no longer fall back to coordinates that are likewise already occupied.
  • Asteroid hauling supply kits now follow the same rules as regular containers. Sorry, no more carrying beds around in your kit.
  • Vehicle bays and vehicle bay capacity upgrades now count toward your ship's total worth.
  • The PEER OUT <ships / unpowered> command has been fixed to actually show you some feedback if you see no ships.
  • Likewise, a new ROOM-OPTION has been added to group or ungroup unpowered ships. So now grouping works independently for powered and unpowered ships.
  • The ever-so-requested PEER <direction> <objects / powered /unpowered> feature has been implemented. Never again be kept in the dark about what those mysterious grouped objects to the south may be.
  • Wandery things should now also respect doors protected by passwords. WHY DO WE HAVE SO MANY DOORS GUYS
  • Updated policy 23 to include information about the RAGEQUIT command.
  • Removed Miriani from the planetar miningy help file since it's impossible to mine there.
  • HELP RAGEQUIT has been added.
  • Walls have been added to MATCH-ORDER as the last item. Now you can have pictures of chairs to your heart's content and still be able to sit on chairs in the room.
  • SOUNDPACK-SPECIFIC: The text of the DUCT command has changed slightly. (Going into the duct said a large panel, coming out said a small panel. Now they're both small!) Change your packs accordingly. (Also let me know if these kinds of notifications are not helpful and I'll stop!)
  • Made some improvements to the hatch lifeform discriminator that should catch more nooks and crannies that people smuggle babies in. Please REPORT others if you find them!
  • Another attempted fix for the FTL-STOP-FTL issue that plagues us all with tracebacks and strange teleportations. Any information on the continuation of this issue would be appreciated!
  • Trading is back online with the old commodity database. FOR NOW.
  • Message board posts pertaining to renames should work fantastically again.
  • People out of comms no longer receive org tithe change notifications. durp
  • Fixed an ancient bug where proximity warnings would fire if a ship left the sector along an edge that would, if sectors wrapped around, put it in range of a ship at the opposite end of the sector.
  • Fixed scanning in observation rooms on not-so-private space stations like Casus Starbase.
  • Resolved some matching concerns when attempting to play a stringed instrument with a bow. Now PLAY VIOLIN (OR WHATEVER) WITH BOW will work.

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