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Changes on 01-19-09:

  • Added data transfers to the Lore computer store.
  • Fixed a bug in the web board that would truncate replies with subjects containing /.
  • Fixed a message board bug that could potentially cause an infinite failure message loop if you tried to jump to specific inaccessible posts.
  • Removed clothing and metafrequency comms from being specifically imagized(tm) with Lore cameras to avoid showing pocket contents and frequencies. If somebody has an image of your comm or clothes and you don't want it to exist, please ASSIST.
  • Changed the default web board view to thread view. Complain if you disagree, but I find most everyone finds it more convenient.
  • The Lore shortcuts TRACK, SHOP, UPGRADE, and CAMERA/IMAGE now accept arguments. TRACK <id> allows you to track a specific ID, SHOP <item> allows you to search the shopping guide for item, UPGRADE <ship name>, and IMAGE <target> allows you to select a target to image.
  • You can now delete photos from your Lore album.
  • Added Lore faceplates for changing the color of your Lore computer. Thrilling!
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to blend babies if you DUMPed a container with a baby in it into a blender.
  • Added ship movement messages to GAG-OPTIONS.
  • Fixed simulators to carry over color and gag options to the avatars.
  • Added ship firing messages to GAG-OPTIONS.

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