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Changes on 01-08-14:

  • Fixed a bug that could affect sector recognition of individuals in Outreach pods.
  • You can no longer DUMP cargo from an asteroid rover anywhere other than the surface of an asteroid.
  • The DIG command now follows the same naming restrictions as the RENAME command.
  • It's no longer possible to establish private links with people whose communicators are not turned on.
  • Added the SOUNDPACK HOOKS help file for those users who wish to create slightly more interesting soundpacks. Let me know if I forgot any!
  • It is no longer possible to beat an object with itself.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to READ notes in other player's hands. Awkward.
  • The starship museum, ever your servants, now ensure that their display models have a hospitable atmosphere every day.
  • Fixed a pesky typo on skeeball machines.
  • Made the SHIPYARD command actually do what the help file says it's supposed to do.
  • The primary owner of a private structure can now reset any door's password from the security center without knowing the existing password.
  • Fixed an issue that might cause the manufacture date of newer ships to be several years in the past. The ISC may be cheap and corrupt, but not that much.
  • The RECORDS command now removes the gigantic row of periods for users of the SIGHT command. I'm told they were annoying. Sorry!
  • The TRASH command now gives you feedback on what it's matching to, as false matches are responsible for many people thinking it superceded the regular TRASH commands on existing objects. woo
  • Fixed some issues with the website's announcement viewer, namely horrible ANSI bleed and multi-line announcement weirdocity.
  • Buying multiple things from stores will now condense your items rather than repeating the same list. (So 'You buy eight defense handbooks.' instead of listing a defense handbook eight times.)
  • If you buy an item in bulk that has no options (and you have the purchase confirmation option enabled), it will no longer spam you with identical 'Your final purchase will be XXX.' lines.
  • Added a new GEN-OPTION to display the various @who lists as a single column rather than three.
  • Added the BEACONS NEAREST command, which will compare arbitrary galactic coordinates that you supply against the database of known sector beacons to tell you which is closest.
  • The MISSION command in the control room will now display the ship's last mission's completion time, if available. (Only applies to missions that occur after the change.)
  • You can now rename private funds for profit and pleasure.
  • You can now overwrite existing flight control scanner configurations if you SAVE under the same name.
  • Alliance information computers now calculate pilot worth by actual worth rather than simply their cash on hand. Enjoy the brief lag as it grinds away at everybody's assets!

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