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Changes on 01-04-12:

  • You can now LINK a mineral scanner to replace the output of the MAP command with the output of the mineral scanner. (LINK or UNLINK the scanner to switch back to the regular map)
  • Mineral scanners now function inside an asteroid rover control room.
  • The MAP FULL option will now show you the entire mineral map if you have a mineral scanner linked. (This has no effect on people using SIGHT mode, as the mineral listing has been shown in full the whole time.)
  • The MAP command, when linked with a mineral scanner, will now display a combined map of both minerals and objects. Unlinking it every time got annoying. Enjoy!
  • Added a MAP-OPTIONS command as well as a new map option to default dynamic room maps to the full-sized view.
  • Added the ability to assign custom colors to minerals in mineral scans. Relatedly, added the CONFIGURE command to mineral scanners.

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