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Commonwealth Research Yields Results At Last!

The Commonwealth of Free Spirits was proud to announce the Computer Disruption Pulse! Scientists working on the project provided the Galactic News with the following description of the technology:

"The CDP fires a carefully modulated energy pulse at an enemy starship which will temporarily disrupt certain computers aboard the target starship. The primarily affected function is autopilot. While all ship classes are different, the majority of the time the CDP will cause sluggish response in starship autopilot and can even disable it entirely. The effects are only temporary and the initial pulse does require quite a bit of power, but it's nonetheless an effective weapon against ISC designed ships. The CDP is effective at ranges up to four units and requires six minutes to recharge, drawing power from the ship's main battery. However, users should be aware that the further you are from the target, the less likely the technology is to be effective."

Dated: 01/11/2354

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