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The ISC confirmed today that several prototype starships have gone missing in the aftermath of the recent Praelor attack. While no specific details were given, reports indicate that the situation is very similar to the communication beacon disaster. The Praelor knew exactly where to find the ships, how to compromise their defenses, and where to take them. The question on everybody's mind at this point is: Where are they getting their information?

Investigations into the source of the Praelor's dramatic rise in intelligence gathering capabilities have been balked by the Alliance High Guard, which has been extremely closed-mouth about the entire situation since the invasion last night. However, the Galactic News was able to confirm the disappearance of Wendy Walkshire, a computer specialist in the ISC Starship Computer Operating System Development Division. With our current information, the best lead we have is that, intentionally or not, Wendy has leaked very specific information to the Praelor. As to where she is or the status of her well-being, no information is available.

The Galactic News also received reports that a prototype ISC starship was seen travelling among various planets last night. Researcher Grant Milari was reported to be aboard the starship, which took a jumpgate to sector 0 and self-destructed. No pilots in the sector at the time were injured, but sensor interference has been plaguing the sector since the destruction. Nobody is quite sure where the interference is coming from, and ISC representatives have been unavailable to offer an explanation.

Stay posted for more information as it becomes available.

Dated: 04/04/2354

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