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Peace Talks Silenced by CTN Terrorists

A meeting between the three alliances was interrupted today by what some have begun to call a terrorist attack from the past. The Confederation of Terran Nations, a superfluous coalition thought to have been disbanded years ago, made an appearance at a meeting which was called to negotiate peace between the three alliances. A man and a woman, Clarence Finkle and Marinda Deliav, dropped a device on the floor and immediately began firing on alliance pilots and leaders. They made no demands, and their only communication was violence and to inform those present that the alliance leaders were being taken.

The aftermath of this event has shown panic. Alliance pilots, already unorganized and hostile in their attitudes, have begun verbally and physically assaulting one another. Planets, frightened about the state of their government, have begun closing their borders and denying landing to starships from any alliance. Security on individual planets is heightened and distrust among the alliances, even toward their own, is at an all time high. If order is not restored soon, it could mean the end of civilized trade and cooperation between worlds, leading to an all-out war the likes of which nobody has seen for hundreds of years.

Dated: 06/21/2354

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