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High Guard Captain Arrested for Treason

Alliance High Guard Command reports that Harold Henderson, leader of the Leviathan project, has been arrested for treason. It is reported that he led a group of alliance pilots, names unknown, on an excersion into sector 21, which had been occupied by Praelor forces, aboard an incomplete Leviathan named Belk. After stealing the starship, he proceeded to High Guard Command and altered several data files, the most critical of which was the transponder signature for the starship. While officials were searching for the ship, the renegade captain then took to the duct network and began actively jamming signals intended to retrieve or destroy the stolen vessel.

"We didn't know what was going on," an insider told the Galactic News. "For all we knew, he was going to turn the Leviathan on us. It wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened."

As he was being led to his cell, Captain Henderson made the following comment: "My imprisonment is worth it if it keeps the Praelor from invading our homes."

Shortly following the arrest, it was confirmed that the Praelor had been eliminated from sector 21. The Alliance High Guard does not condone the actions of this rogue captain, but they do acknowledge that his actions played an important role in erradicating the threat from the sector. While the Praelor forces in space were preoccupied with the attack force of the alliances, High Guard Command was able to mobilize several troops onto the surface of the planet, where they destroyed the majority of the structures that the Praelor had managed to setup. It is unknown whether or not there are still Praelor on the ground.

Norbert Noobison
Galactic News Junior Reporter

Dated: 12/21/2354

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