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Space Cats! Galactic scourge or cuddly pet?

A new scourge has been identified in recent days by starship pilots everywhere. These tiny, cat-like creatures seem to be attracted to the energy net emitted by salvaging lines. As such, they seek them out and get caught in the net. When they enter your ship, they are compelled to begin gnawing on exposed wires, causing damage to ship systems and being a general annoyance. They are also extremely hostile and will attack humans on sight.

A zoologists at the Marilan Zoo commented, "As of this time, the only solution we have is to shoot them with a stun gun. If their hostile behavior persists, continue firing until the stress becomes too much and the creature dies. I know it sounds harsh, but it's impossible to capture one of these things. You can take the corpse it leaves behind to a research center for a reward. That should help us identify ways to capture instead of kill."

Dated: 03/20/2355

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