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High Guard and the Alliances Stepping Up Capital Defense

High Guard Command, in cooperation with the Alliances, announced today that it has completed fitting all capital worlds with long-range defense technologies. While previously reluctant to share advanced defense technologies with the individual Alliances, negotiations between the factions has yielded positive results, and all have come to a mutual agreement about the use of the technology. It will be High Guard supervised and no alliance is permitted to use the technology against another. It's strictly to keep the capital sectors open for business and free of external threats.

A spokeswoman for the High Guard gave the following comment: "Oh it's a good thing alright. Not only will these beauties protect against Praelor threats, but they'll also reduce piracy in the capitals and help promote better trade between the worlds. I don't see any problem with it, and anybody who tells you it's a bad thing either has a death wish or is certified insane."

Dated: 05/26/2355

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