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Police Brutality Charges Dropped

After a brief investigation into police brutality in the Jupiter Security Force, the Hale Oversight Committee has dropped all charges that were brought against the offending officers and the department for firing upon civilians during a protest.

This news comes in light of the growing unrest on formerly CTN-controlled planets. Security forces on other colonies, such as Io and Amalthea, have noted that the number of arrests made for politically-motivated crimes have quadrupled over the weekend. The Oversight Committee stated in its six-page report that the Hale Security Force "acted within riot control regulations" and that they "acted as would be expected of any officer in dealing with the threat of terrorism." The Security Force have released fourteen of their suspects on bail and is now accusing a total of nine of the protestors for charges of terrorism. It has been revealed that new evidence has been uncovered by the Security Force, leading to these accusations.

"This is a fit-up, I'm telling you. I'm not a terrorist. I'm a man who loved his alliance and this is a sign that Hale's oppression has gone too far. It's about time we started standing up for our rights as human beings, which the Hale Collective seem to believe we do not possess," said Greg Cato, an asteroid hauler and one of the nine accused of terrorism.

While the chief of security in the Ono system, Ray Aurale, did not consent to a full interview (citing his dislike of the press) he commented that, "Those bastards got what they deserved. You commit a crime in my district and we put the boot in. The ravings of some crazed junkers and 'roid haulers who want to blow everything up are not going to stop me or my officers from delivering justice and keeping the more well-adjusted citizens safe."

Dated: 07/27/2355

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