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High Guard Declares State of Emergency

Following new intelligence from the frontlines of the CTN war, High Guard today declared a state of emergency and began the withdrawal of the 3rd and 4th Fleets from their positions deep in Praelor space. Specifics on the decisions are hazy, with explanations on the motivations of this sudden change of position being contradictory or simply absent from most High Guard officials interviewed. However, it is thought that, especially in light of recent 'coincidences' with CTN and Praelor operations, that a link has been found between the two factions.

While asserting the state of emergency, High Guard was quick to say that civilians and even alliance pilots need not be alarmed. "The recall of the 3rd and 4th fleets...represents only a quick assault strategy. With the use of these fleets we expect that the CTN fleet will be exterminated in a matter of days," explained High Guard General Mark Harrison, former admiral of the Commonwealth fleet, which holds him on retainer under the High Guard Convention of 2314. "Pilots should remain ever vigilant, but can rest easy. Now that we have been put in charge of handling the CTN we can actually finish this."

Concerns have risen, however, over almost halving the human military presence in hostile territory. It is reported that at least five High Guard fleets operate in Praelor space, and from what we can tell, tend to consist of a main battlegroup of up to thirty battlecruisers and numerous supporting vessels; however, it is rumoured that one of the fleets has taken heavy losses in recent weeks, making the reduction of forces in that area a very dangerous proposition. Hans Slavik, a Commonwealth opposition party leader, was quick to criticize High Guard Command.

"Yesterday they essentially told us that we mere humans and our pathetic squabbles were not worth fighting for," he said with dry humour while addressing the press on Autumn. "Today they are recalling almost half of our defense forces to fight what they had previously deemed a non-threat. And I ask you; can you trust an organization that changes its mind like the spring breeze? No, you cannot. What has changed, High Guard? Can you answer that? No, you cannot."

Demands for the reason for High Guard's sudden reversal of policy were everywhere, but it seems that those in the military are remaining tight-lipped over the exact cause for the fleet recalls. Already, a squadron of Marauders have been placed on guard duty around High Guard Command.

"I can only hope that High Guard does not kill us all with its whimsical incompetence," mused Slavik. This reporter can only agree.

Dated: 08/22/2355

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