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Alliance Leaders Found Dead

After over a year of wondering what happened to our alliance leaders, we finally found them. Last night, a CTN pilot named Bianca Laytin dropped a large metal box off on an undisclosed planet. This box contained a letter and the bodies of the alliance leaders. The contents of the letter is currently unknown. HG sources refuse to comment on the details of this situation, but there are rumors that the bodies were found on Kronophagia, on Private Pilot Matt Valentino's front doorstep. We could not reach Matt Valentino to confirm or deny these rumors.

An autopsy was performed by High Guard medical examiner Katherine Bonder. Very little can be told from the bodies about what happened for the time they were imprisoned by the CTN, but it is a fair conclusion that they were tortured. The bodies are severely malnourished and there are rope marks on the arms and legs, indicating that they were tied up for long periods. There are also several lacerations on the bodies. The body of AIE-leader, Paisley Alexander, was found wearing demeaning slave clothing. The manners of their deaths are also unclear, but there are many defensive wounds, indicating that they fought back against their attackers. Their time of death was three to four days ago. They were alive until that time. Paisley Alexander and Geoff Daniels both died from blunt force trauma. The Hale leader, Julian Martin, was dismembered. Only a head, an arm, and a leg were given to us from the CTN. He appears to have died from blood loss.

High Guard Intelligence suggests that they were tortured for information on the alliances and High Guard. They don't know what they may have told them, but worry that this may be the source of part of the intelligence that they seem to have known. Alliance officials and many citizens have admonished High Guard for even saying that as a possibility and denied that the alliance officials would ever help the CTN, even in a torture situation. Others criticize High Guard for not doing enough to try and rescue the officials.

These tragic deaths have left the alliances in a sense of acute distress. There are talks of new elections for new leaders. An AIE politician has been quoted saying, "We are entering a dark time. Now is the time for all the alliances to band together for the good of our people. We have to work together to get rid of this threat."

The families have requested private funerals, but tomorrow, there will be a gathering to celebrate their lives and mourn their loss. There is going to be a statue put up in honor of each of them on their respective alliance capitals.

Dated: 08/29/2355

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