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Voting On Praelor-Human Station Begins

Voting has begun on a shocking proposal to begin the construction of a hybrid space station. The space station, which would be constructed from both human materials and Praelor biological materials, is being classified as a research station, but both factions would be allowed to maintain a military presence at all times, leading some to believe that this is merely an attempt for the Praelor to easily move in a large number of troops without arousing suspicion.

This agreement was reached when representatives from the three alliances, Teressa Hamilton, Esther Chadori, and Casandra Voltrace of the AIE, Caiden Shadowblade, J.T. Harkness, and Emelia Hawkins of the Commonwealth, and Alexander Voltrace, Darrius Steele, and Edward Rush of the Hale, met on Pax to discuss a possible peace between the Praelor Krenelia and the Alliances. While no official treaty has been signed, the research station is the first step towarding building a friendship with the Praelor and will go a long way toward paving the way for a full peace treaty.

Voting began at 10:00 A.M. today in the Interalliance Relation Center on Pax. Should the proposal be accepted, construction of the station will begin immediately in sector 35. Voting is expected to end next Wednesday, November 11th. All Alliance members are urged to cast their vote on this issue. Alliance officials are reporting that the Praelor have already agreed to the terms and are awaiting our final approval before beginning construction.

Zipp Flanning
Junior Reporter

Dated: 11/04/2355

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