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Rumors Fly of Upcoming High Guard Press Release

Since the debacle of the Pax Diplomatic Meetings to arrange the transportation of the GADZOOKS "Speeds Among Small Treetops" back to its home world, the High Guard has been embroiled in a public feud with much of the piloting community. Polls of civilian populations show the High Guard approval rate hovering somewhere around 52 percent, with nearly half of all households viewing their actions against the Pax diplomat Annie Ness as unfavorable. Polls from the Coalition for Freedom committee show that 67 percent of households approve, however, of the High Guard's decision to make classified the technology which ultimately led to the creation of an unstable wormhole in sector 15.

"I think they had a good reason to keep it classified," said a factory line worker from Outreach. "I don't know much about pilots, but I trust the High Guard to know what they're doing when it comes to the big stuff. They've been fighting the Praelor for years." A secondary school civics teacher shared another opinion. "High Guard has always struck me as organized, the type of people you want to get stuff done. I can't really blame the pilots for speaking out though. Maybe the High Guard is getting too big for their boots. That diplomat was just doing her job. For all we know, she had a script to follow."

Regardless of opinion, there has been increased activity around the High Guard offices over the last two weeks. Aside from a brief comment by High Guard Captain Colin Torres, the notoriously brusque military installation has been tight-lipped about their reasoning for threatening pilots and diplomats alike with trial and arrest. The lid can't stay on the powder keg for much longer, and rumors are starting to leak of an upcoming press conference where, it is believed, High guard intends to address recent activities in a face-to-face meeting with the alliance pilots.

Dated: 02/28/2366

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