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Tandem Praelor Invasion Causes Serious Damage

Earlier today the Praelor launched an invasion of human space; marshalling their forces in sector 35, they gathered a large fleet of ships before launching a tandem invasion of Venitia, Miriani, Outreach, Autumn and Triskaideka.

The first station to report taking damage was ISC Starship Construction Depot Beta. The station reported that it was being bombarded by Bzani fighters, which appeared to have been modified to carry anti-station weaponry. But soon afterwards it became apparent that the rest of the forces were armed with such weapons.

Leaf Station came under soon afterwards, being attacked by a Praelor Muzano with a large acid-expelling organ. The station was evacuated after the hull was breached and the station lost life support.

Keyton was next to report being attacked, with Praelor bombarding the planet's research facilities with a similar organ. Scientists have reported that the acid 'bombs' dropped by the organ are chemically similar to the acidic blood of most Praelor ships, but has some unknown chemical coating which allows it to remain a cohesive ball until impact is made, even as it enters a planetary atmosphere. The hematocele, as it is called, then explodes violently, spreading its corrosive core in all directions. The hematocele bombardment destroyed most of the research facilities and severely damaged spaceport facilities. Another structure was damaged in the bombardment, but the AIE have classified details on this structure and obtained an injunction which prevents us from reporting more information.

When ISC Depot Beta began to take hull breaches the station lost reactions containment in the injection fusion system, which provides power to the station. The station was quickly evacuated and the skeleton crew of 15 remaining onboard were killed when the station exploded.

Dated: 11/14/2355

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