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Reformist Candidates Left With Clear Edge As Elections Wind To A Close

With the simultaneous conclusion of the alliance leader elections, political pundits were today able to say with evidence that the popular opinion is against the status quo in all of the alliances. The AIE elections were the most contested, with the win of the AIE National Coalition narrowly above the votes of the Coalition For Interstellar Advance. Meanwhile, the Commonwealth election showed a clear result in favor of the Conservative Party, while the Hale elections posted an astounding 100% vote for minister of defense Jintao Yang, calling some commentators to suggest that the Hale elections were fixed.

The newly inaugurated alliance leaders were quick to make their opening statements. Agatha Lancaster, the new AIE leader, restated her campaign promises and her plans to improve the quality of life for all living in the AIEs territories, rather than only the core worlds benefitting from our tax credits. Meanwhile, Hans Slavik, newly elected Commonwealth president, gave a stirring speech about the assertion of Commonwealth values in Commonwealth space, and indicated that he is cutting the Commonwealths participation in next months High Guard budget completely. For the High Guard, this means a loss of the Commonwealths monthly subsidy of 200 billion credits, as well as the potential loss of some of the AIEs budget as per Lancasters electoral campaign statements.

We will continue to do our best to defend human space, but theres little we can do without the funds to keep running, stated High Guard spokesperson Marcus Fianchetti. With this loss, [of 200 billion credits of the monthly budget] well have to cut services in some areas. Weapons research is probably going to fall off the radar, since were going to have to make cuts everywhere just to keep our fleets in the air. Increasing fears of Praelor advance means that the High Guard is doing everything to ensure that its battle fleets continue to have a presence in Praelor space, but the loss of such a large sum of money would mean that it would be unable to afford to replace many ships lost in the regular battles on the front.

The new Hale Collectivist Party Chairman, Jintao Yang, made a large speech to assembled crowds outside the Hale Political Enclave in Outreach City, a closed complex of political offices and residences. Yang also restated his campaign promises, and stated that the promised construction of a new Hale industrial complex in sector 30 will begin immediately, creating tens of thousands of jobs. This news came as a relief to the Hale population, which after numerous economic crises over the years, currently suffers under record levels of unemployment.

Dated: 11/27/2355

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