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Praelor reinforcements destroy mission ship - increasing Praelor intelligence?

Several alliance pilots on a Praelor combat mission today have observed a shocking increase in Praelor strategic intelligence. After a strange accident with the six-person sentinel "Fraternal Death", owned by Sebastian Hadford, which had been undertaking a moderate combat mission, in which solar material impacted the starship's hull that was rebound from weapons fire, the ship lost its primary sensor array.
Despite this, the six starship pilots from the three alliances aboard the sentinel continued their mission, unable to relocate the jumpgate but intent on destroying the small fleet of Praelor starships. Following the elimination of all Praelor vessels from the sector, Sebastian Hadford and his crew began looking for the jumpgate back to Sector 12.
However, their continued presence in Praelor space had been noticed. This became clear when two Praelor Otona class starships entered the sector that the Fraternal Death had occupied. Within ten minutes, a total of eight Praelor starships had jumped into the sector, and were chasing the already heavily damaged sentinel as the pilots continued their search for a jumpgate.
It was reported by Sebastian Hadford and others that they intercepted a transmission over the general sector communications channel from one of the Praelor ships before the Praelor began unexpectedly leaving the sector. The transmission was in an unknown language, presumably Praelor. Whether the Praelor were attempting to communicate with us or amongst themselves remains to be discovered, however it is suspected by many that the ship's computer was simply showing signs of damage from the Praelor attacks, considering the Praelor use their acid to communicate.
It was not long before a second Praelor fleet, consisting of mainly Onz and Onati class starships, jumped into the sector and began to assault the alliance sentinel, which despite the valiant efforts of those involved, eventually got destroyed by the Praelor force.
The Alliance High Guard was plunged into controversy for failing to do anything to save these pilots. A High Guard officer, who wishes to remain unnamed, had the following to say: "When one starship has passed the Mission Jumpgate the security clearance code is changed in order to prevent other starships from, perhaps accidentally, entering the same sector. And while we have the greatest respect for Sebastian and his crew, I'm afraid that we can not come up with a solution in time to save those brave people. We have limited resources, not in the last place because the political programs of the recently elected leaders include limiting the expenses on our behalf."
Several alliance pilots, who had engaged in combat missions during the event with the alliance sentinel, immediately aborted their missions. A High Guard spokesperson gave the following comment: "There is currently no way to identify whether or not the Praelor are actually protecting their traveling fleets better. What you have to understand is that this sentinel had been in Praelor space for nearly an hour: half an hour after their mission completed. I am not surprised that the Praelor decided to check up on their... guests."
Despite this, it is feared by many that the Praelor are once again advancing on our space. The amount of Praelor incursions into human space has also increased, with one major invasion and several minor squirmishes between Praelor and alliance starships having taken place over the week.

Dated: 07/06/2356

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