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Flames and Rescue at Remote Outpost 27


Early this afternoon a strange voice, barely audible through the heavy static, came over the general communication channel. It belonged to Hilary McMara, a staff officer on Remote Hale Outpost 27. From what can be gathered from the spotty communication logs, something went wrong with chemicals in the lab, and an explosion ensued. The outpost was evacuated with most of the staff leaving on the single observation ship docked at the outpost. But not everyone escaped the hungry flames and falling debris. Ms. McMara was left behind. She transmitted over general communications the words Ono20 lightyears and, through much confusion, alliance pilots rallied and two main ships, accompanied by several smaller ones, departed for Remote Outpost 4. During the trip, which took several minutes, the alliance pilots aboard the ships urged the officer to remain calm and to find a safe place to hide. Tension mounted as the ships approached the station.

Uncertainty arose among the crews and the pilots questioned Ms. McMara to confirm her location. "We thought she meant four," one male pilot said, looking a little sheepish, "She said Ono, and 20 lightyears east... so we thought she meant outpost 4."

Through a fit of violent coughing, Ms. McMara transmitted the name and galactic coordinates of the outpost over general communications. She was located at outpost 27, a space station which was indeed about 20 lightyears from sector 2, but not directly east.

Realizing their error, the two lead ships set off for the correct destination, outpost 27, with haste. They had lost precious time.

The battlecruiser "Violently Orange Destruction" and the transverser "Spirit flight" drew near the outpost, the transverser slightly ahead of the BC. It docked first. Ms. McMara had warned that the ships might sustain damage during docking, and so they did.

From what the pilots aboard those ships tell us, they exited to find the station in flames. Smoke filled the air and debris rained down, making the search for the trapped officer treacherous and difficult. Parts of the station were collapsing around them, and some corridors were open to the vacuum of space. "There were times we had to cling onto the walls to keep from being sucked out into space!" one woman told reporters. But through the smoke and flames, the pilots searched the station and recovered the officer who was slowly suffocating in the bad air. Through the dying station, the pilots carried the officer back aboard the battlecruiser and promptly to the medical bay. Leaving the transverser behind, the BC launched.

The pilots returned Ms. McMara to jump hub station where she recovered quickly. She left the ship, thanking the pilots for their hard work. The tip of her braid was burned, as was her spacesuit. She headed east down the corridor as the pilots breathed a sigh of relief.

At this time, the condition of the outpost is unknown. We also believe that the transverser is still there. It is also unclear what the crew of the outpost was working on, details are not being released. But Ms. McMara is safe. She was successfully rescued. Mission accomplished.

Calandria Hartzler
Galactic News Correspondent

Dated: 07/07/2356

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