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Single Scientist Triggers Massive Praelor Invasion

Late on 12-27-2356, several Praelor starships jumped into nearly every sector of alliance space. Their were over 1200 enemy starships in total, according to flight control operators. Alliance pilots joined forces and retaliated.

After about 10 hours on the morning of 12-28-2356, just as alliance pilots thought they had driven the Praelor back, around 1000 more Praelor starships arrived. An invasion of this magnitude has never been seen before, and people began speculating on what the purpose of this massive attack was.

At around 8:30 AM, a scientist started transmitting over the general channel in distress. She was on Saturn, which seemed to be where the bulk of the invading fleet was concentrated, and she somehow knew that the Praelor were after her. Further investigation leads us to believe that this scientist was responsible for telling the alliances the location of several Praelor bases she discovered during her travels. The Praelor didn't seem happy about this.

Shortly before 10:00 AM, a Praelor Onati class starship forced a landing on Saturn. At that time, a large Praelor exited, went directly to where the scientist was hiding, and kidnapped her. After boarding the Onati, it launched, and left the sector.

Soon after, alliance pilots attempted to repel the enemy forces in sector 3, which consisted of nearly 400 Praelor starships. A High Guard officer showed up with a heavily armored High Guard battlecruiser, which alliance pilots crewed and fought for several hours until it was finally destroyed. Several smaller High Guard ships then jumped into help right after 30 Muzati and Muzano class ships jumped in. Alliance pilots then crewed their own battlecruisers and finished the fleet off.

Many questions were raised by this incursion by the Praelor into alliance space. The most important of these is, will the Praelor step up their efforts against humanity? Only time will tell.

Dated: 12/29/2356

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