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Praelor Activity Rises, Successful Counterattack On Hive World

The activity level of the war between the alliances and the Praelor Ontanka has very quickly risen over the past two weeks. The Ontanka, the Praelor that have been warring with humans for many years, seem to be redoubling their efforts to put an end to humanity.

While it had been relatively quiet for several months, the Praelor have begun invading the alliance sectors much more regularly over the past weeks. Most of the time, the invasion forces were repelled with relative ease by alliance pilots, however on the evening of Monday, February 27, the Praelor launched a large scale assault on all of the capital sectors, as well as sectors 12, 15 and 19. This marks the first seriously alarming invasion in many months, and several alliance warships, notably the battlecruisers owned by alliance pilots Landon More and Kenny Marley, were destroyed in the onslaught.

It was after midnight on the 28th when long range sensors indicated more waves of Praelor starships on a direct course to alliance space. High Guard officer Halie Thunders showed up shortly thereafter with the fifteen-person Leviathan "Way of Supreme Peace", which alliance pilots crewed and prepared to launch in combat. Meanwhile, the Praelor were retreating from every sector except for sector 19, where they regrouped and where the remaining waves of invaders arrived.

The Praelor forces took several more hours to drive back. Reports indicated that at least a hundred and fifty hostile ships were present in sector 19, however thanks to the combined efforts of the alliance pilots and a fleet of High Guard ships, the enemy forces were finished on the morning of 02-28-2358.

Later that day, around 5 PM, High Guard officer Katie Lankers requested all available alliance pilots to Rolukssica to embark on a mission in Praelor space. The High Guard leviathan was once again crewed, and launched to travel through an unstable jumpgate that had been created.

The pilots involved ended up in a sector occupied by hundreds of Ontanka Praelor starships, as well as a rocky planet that was a hive world.

It became apparent that the forces sent out could be insufficient to clear the sector of Praelor. At 7 AM the following day, a High Guard battlecruiser called "Atlantis", with several more alliance pilots, arrived through the temporary jumpgate to assist the Leviathan. With help from a fleet of High Guard strikers, the sector was clear of Ontanka starships at approximately 10:15 AM.

The pilots had been attacking the Praelor on the surface every time their ships were repairing from serious damage, so an hour later, the planet's surface was clear of hostile insectoid creatures. It was now only necessary to destroy all of the atmospheric anomalies.

The process of clearing the atmosphere took all of what remained of Wednesday, and part of Thursday, mostly because of the fact that the ships had to recharge in order to continue the repairs and rearms of the atmospheric combat vehicles. However, at approximately 6 AM on the first of march, everyone who had helped during the mission emerged from the jumpgate that would lead them back to human space, unharmed and having spent nearly thirty six hours in hostile territory, but victorious.

Later that day, it was reported that AIE pilot Lucie Brookes, who had also been on the mission, was sentenced to a week in jail for High Guard mission disruption. She had disabled main power in the battlecruiser while it was landed on an Asteroid, sending herself and half a dozen others who did not have a spacesuit in an escape pod. During her appeal, Mrs. Brookes had the following to say:

"Yesterday morning, I heard we needed all available pilots to come to Rolukssica at once, I asked what was going to happen, and one of these good officers told me to come at once. On arriving at the landing area, I was taken into the group to join you all. I told the good officer, that I was very inexperienced but was still taken into the ship. I did my very best to help with gunning and combat, but realized once what I thought the mission was over, that I wanted to get home, back to my family and friends. I did the only thing I knew to enable me to escape, disable the main power, not realizing that some people did not have suits on."

Despite this appeal, the sentence was carried out.

Many people have begun speculating what the future will bring in terms of Praelor activity. One of the High Guard officers has already announced that there will be another mission next Sunday. Stay tuned for more news regarding this mission.

Dated: 03/03/2358

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