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Alliance High Guard Announces Completion Of New Headquarters

Nearly three years after the wormhole aliens destroyed High Guard Command in sector 24 with a devastating black hole, construction of the new High Guard headquarters is finally complete. Located in a fortified underground complex on the moon Rolukssica in sector 12, the new Alliance High Guard Command is set to become the heart of the war effort for the survival of our species.

The upper level of the new command base features four docking bays along with a storage dome for inactive starships. Located at ground level are the mess hall, pilot lounge, and other non-essential facilities. All of the levels below are underground. When interviewed about the construction of the complex, 2nd Lieutenant Daniel Schroedinger said, "in light of the loss of the space station in sector 24, High Guard command felt that an underground base of operations would provide maximum security and protection for our military personnel and materiel. Especially given the Praelor's increasing anti-station capabilities, I am certain that it was the right decision."

"It has taken us almost three years of hard work and dedication to get this place up and running, especially given the dramatic budget cuts we have received in recent years," he says, "but with the recent influx of Praelor offenses into our space, we knew we had to get the finishing touches put on. Humanity can rest a little easier now that we have an organized center of command and control; High Guard will finally be able to fulfill its duty to humanity."

Teams of officers and security drones will actively patrol throughout the facility. It is thought that it will be nearly impossible for Praelor to take over the facility by a ground invasion. And one technician also tells us, "We have a brand new series of holographic auditoriums located on the ground level. We're really excited to offer an opportunity for pilots to really be immersed in the information we have to offer about our encounters with the Praelor and the optimal strategies for defeating them in combat."

As for Rolukssica itself, Alliance High Guard hasn't made any official comment as to what may be planned for the moon now. But the hope is that High Guard Command will once again be both a place of military strength and a common ground for pilots to come and socialize, train, and most of all, fight together as a cohesive unit to defend our space.

Dated: 07/21/2358

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