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ISC Recalls Power Supply Firmware

The ISC has today announced a recall of the current power supply firmware for all industrial and military starships. The programming in the power supply distribution systems are to be reprogrammed immediately upon landing by spaceport technicians, free of cost. "It was recently brought to our attention that there was an exploitable flaw in our power supplies. This flaw could be exploited by an attacker in the ship's systems to electrically charge the interior of the ship, perhaps fatally."

It is rumored that the exploit was in fact discovered by the Praelor before the ISC fixed the flaw, and that in recent attacks on known space the Praelor had been using devices specifically designed to take advantage of this glitch by hacking into the power supply computer subsystems and electocuting the crew. However, an ISC spokesperson dismissed this as "a wild rumor" and went on to further elaborate that "the Praelor are, as a species, incapable of understanding our technology to the degree which would be required to abuse this flaw in our ship programming. Our concern is that pirates would find a way to abuse this flaw in the future; this has never happened before outside of our testing laboratories, and we are confident that it never will again."

The Alliance High Guard refused to comment on the rumor.

Dated: 07/27/2358

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