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Outreach Mineral Processor Opens For Business

Today the Outreach Mineral Processor held its ribbon cutting ceremony and was declared open for business. Despite the best efforts of the ISC and its confederates, neither the Commonwealth nor the AIE have yet boycotted the station. The facility is reportedly capable of processing ore at double the normal efficiency of any current mineral refinery. Asteroids hauled to the station will effectively count double in terms of resources, including bardenium.

"To encourage operations at our refinery we are also offering a bonus payment to any asteroid haulers who patronize our station," said the spokesperson giving the announcement. "This will hopefully offset the risk of piracy of asteroid haulers operating in capital sectors."

The ISC are alleged to be continuing their campaign to have the other alliances refuse purchase of refined materials from the station. Despite their best efforts, it is thought that the Commonwealth have already signed a deal for the Hale Collective to be the exclusive supplier of bardenium to their rearm centers and to the Terran Defense League Fleet. While High Guard are still declared for the ISC, the loss of Commonwealth customers is 'a blow', according to the ISC.

"We hope that cooler heads also prevail in the AIE, and that they do not needlessly block the industrial advancement of the human race," said Minister Alvarez regarding the threatened boycott.

Dated: 06/27/2359

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