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Mutant Fuzzy Creatures on the Loose

Researchers believe that a mutation of the alien feline breed, commonly called fuzzy creatures, has been discovered. Originating from sector 14, these large, aggressive creatures Are nearly as tall as a human being, and possess quite an aggressive disposition. Research vessels jumped into sector 14 late Wednesday evening, and were successful in capturing one of the mutants live. The crew reports that the mutated fuzzies moved much faster, attacked with a greater speed, and harmed humans more fiercely than their less aggressive counterparts.

Early this afternoon, it is reported that a new Commonwealth pilot by the name of George Defellow discovered the creatures. Defellow is quoted as saying, "I just thought I could get some good debris in there." But the newly trained pilot got more than a chunk of strange rock when he cast his salvage lines out into the sector, a sector which is well-known for its spacial disturbances and anomalous forces. The twenty-year-old began screaming for help over the pilot's chatter channel, and several ships immediately rushed to his aid. Ryan Salvatore, in his Battlecruiser Righteous Revenge, was the first to dock and enter the starship. Michael and Aria Vieraah, Alycen Hunter, drake Weston, Moy Zee, and Bailey Claire soon followed. A group effort eventually saw the mutated fuzzy creature neutralized.

It appears that some of the ships present in sector 14 were invaded. Further research reveals that the mutated fuzzies forced their way aboard through salvage line access hatches. Ryan Salvatore's Battlecruiser Righteous Revenge, Paige Trudeau's Freighter Strawberry Indulgence, Aria Vieraah's Transverser Melodic Maryoku, and Altan Sikiciogullari's Heliogaster Orospu Cocuklari number among the list of invaded ships. These mutant fuzzy creatures were quickly dispatched, and pilots made their way to Angelus to submit the corpses to local research facilities.

Researchers are unable to fathom why it is that only the alien hollow devices found on the Lobbius dig site seem to incapacitate the creatures. The latest theory is that stun effectiveness is related to the power of the weapon used. Shots with lower powered weapons only seem to enrage them without producing any type of stun. Pilots are advised to stay out of sector 14 for the time being, and to be on the lookout during salvaging operations for more of these mutated creatures. There have been confirmed salvages of the mutated creatures, both in and outside charted space. One scientist at the Commonwealth institute for alien research says, "The mutants seem to be more abundant in uncharted space. Judging by their presence in sector 14, and their greater presence in uncharted space, we can only assume that anomalies are playing some role in the mutation of the normal fuzzy creatures."
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Dated: 09/25/2359

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