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Miriani Under Construction: A New Beginning

Displaced employees of the former Miriani spaceport gathered together early this afternoon to witness the groundbreaking ceremony for what will eventually be a newly constructed spaceport tower. Flying in from all across Alliance space, construction workers and former facility managers congregated on the destroyed landing site to witness the first shovels of dirt being thrown. Construction crews were quick to assure reporters that the archaeology sites surrounding the destroyed spaceport will remain open during construction. Agatha Lancaster, leader of the AIE, was overheard calling the construction project "The spirit tower, a symbolism of hope and defiance." To disrupt archaeology operations as little as possible, crews are beginning from the second level and working their way upwards before tackling the main level of the spaceport tower. All pilots have been asked to remove their starships from the garage to speed up construction in that area. As the Spirit Tower, (as some are calling it) begins to take shape, we will once again be seeing the familiar Miriani skyline we so dearly miss.

Dated: 09/29/2359

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