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Massive Praelor Invasion Repelled: Picking Up the Pieces

The sun was barely rising over Torch, normally a peaceful planet in Sector 23. Soon, hundreds of Praelor warships would be looming over the horizon. A three-prong attack occurred yesterday, with Sectors 0, 12 and 23 being hit. The attacks on the Jump Hub and High Guard seemed to be a smokescreen to slow down the response of Alliance pilots.
Torch was the real target, where several corpses littered the landing pad. The Praelor had plenty of time to accomplish whatever they wished to achieve here. By the time Alliance and High Guard ships arrived in the sector, surface to air weapons controlled by the Praelor were already waiting for them on Torch. It took several crews of extremely brave Alliance pilots with the help of the High Guard to break through the lines.
There was a really great turnout from all Alliances yesterday, with nearly every available pilot volunteering for combat duty. It took several tours of ground combat, led by the brave battlecruiser pilots to subdue the Praelor forces on Torch's surface. The High Guard Command sent several ships and crew, as well as supplies to aid the volunteers. At least five High Guard officers were killed while trying to rescue survivors on the planet's surface.
Clean up efforts are under way in all three sectors that were hit. Torch is still under the threat of Praelor fighters in their atmosphere. Alliance battlecruiser pilots have multiple crews that are working to clear up their skies, however the effort could take days. It isn't an easy task clearing out these Praelor fighters; many volunteers are being requested. Docking at Jump Hub Station may be slightly delayed due to damage from the attacks.
Many are speculating what the Praelor were after in Sector 23. Some say that it may hold a tactical or strategic advantage. It has also been theorized that the Praelor may hold certain areas of our space as "sacred" in some ceremonious way. Regardless of their motive, the Praelor clearly mean business, as this wasn't just a run of the mill invasion. Were they after something, or just trying to establish a foothold?
Doomsayers are speculating that this recent attack will disrupt the already fragile economy on Torch and slow down exploration, as the planet is the home to a multitude of upgrades for the everyday exploratory vessel. Shortages are now commonplace until a surplus of supplies can be rebuilt. Without cooperation between the Alliances, the Praelor could potentially establish a foothold in your backyard. It is highly recommended that all Alliance pilots take training simulators and participate in combat missions to prepare for further invasions. This could simply be the beginning of a greater plan by the Praelor.

Axl Vega
War Correspondent

Dated: 08/06/2361

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