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Absent Without Leave - High Guard Fleet Captain Discharged from Duty

The civilian piloting community and High Guard Command staff were rocked by the events detailed in a recently published Galactic News article. After a successful operation against Praelor forces in deep space, pilots returned home eager for hot showers and warm beds. But the night was not to end on a victory note after all.

Having been rescued from Praelor clutches earlier that day, Fleet Captain Amara Hendrix was aboard a High Guard leviathan landed on Rolukssica. Also on board were General Norman Winstead and Admiral Colin Torres along with a sizable group of civilian pilots. Everyone relished the chance to relax and release some of the stress from the events of the preceding days while High Guard gave an impromptu intelligence debriefing to the assembled pilots.

An escape pod suddenly landed in the field just beyond the ship, and its contents would prove to be more than a simple salvage container. A note inside the container detailed a set of galactic coordinates some 38000 lightyears south of sector 38. The letter contained a desperate plea from a colony world which had apparently suffered a critical loss of starships and supplies. The letter advised that the colony was near to collapse, and only had supplies enough to last a matter of weeks. The note was signed by Astrid Hendrix.

Distraught, having just been rescued from enemy captivity, Fleet Captain Amara Hendrix was determined to rush to the aid of her sister. But High Guard was eager to seize the moment and press their newly gained advantage against the Praelor. General Winstead ordered Fleet Captain Hendrix to stand down and return to her post. The Captain, no doubt motivated by grief and fear, proceeded to abscond with the valkyrie Grace Under Pressure along with its full complement of crew.

A chase ensued out of sector 7 as Grace Under Pressure attempted to outrun the leviathan, Dauntless Defense. Fleet Captain Amara Hendrix managed to evade capture, taking High Guard property and personnel with her. Through means as of yet unknown, the former Fleet Captain intends to bring aid to the beleaguered deep space colony world. High Guard has posted a bounty for her return. She is currently listed as AWOL, absent without leave from her post. High Guard recently issued a dishonorable discharge which strips her of military rank.

Alliance pilots with information on Ms. Hendrix's whereabouts are asked to contact any member of High Guard staff or post information publicly. It is believed that she may attempt to contact alliance pilots for aid in the near future. With the loss of her military rank, Ms. Hendrix returns to the status of her alliance when she began her military service. Civilians are urged to be on the look-out for suspicious craft flying under the Hale transponder. Capitol sectors have increased scans, and all flight patrol staff have been instructed to remain on high alert, especially with regard to the movements of Hale starships.

The High Guard wishes to stress that at this time, their primary interest is in the return of the valkyrie, Grace Under Pressure. Military court martial proceedings upon Ms. Hendrix's return will include a full mental evaluation, the results of which will be factored into any sentencing. Alliance pilots are instructed to stand down and to refrain from interfering in military operations. High Guard Command looks forward to continuing its cordial working relationship with alliance pilots as the two groups work together to defend against the Praelor Ontanka threat.

High Guard General Norman Winstead issued the following statement: "Remember, we all have a duty to protect the civilian population which cannot protect themselves from the threat of the Praelor. The High Guard is interested in the safety of our space and our people, not a witch hunt for a grieving former officer. We merely wish the return of a valuable starship and its crew. We must follow protocols, but I can personally assure you that we are not interested in throwing the book at a captain who has served the High Guard well. Stay alert, and let us all hope that our missing crew is safe... wherever they are."

Dated: 03/26/2367

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