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Letter From the Editor Regarding Missing Ship

We here at the Galactic News would like to extend our most sincere apologies to Cria Marshall. The previous article regarding his missing starship may have painted him in a negative light that I can assure you was unintentional.

We would like to clarify the matter for the record: We in no way believe that the loss of the specialty technology was intentional or the result of any malice or negligence on the part of the pilot or crew. As the report stated, albeit perhaps not in explicit terms, the battlecruiser was destroyed during the course of a legitimate combat mission. The crew of the battlecruiser was defeated in a fight with a superior enemy force. As a consequence, control of the secondary starships docked within the battlecruiser was lost. They were, as far as the current information indicates, in no way intentionally dropped in the sector or otherwise given willingly to the Praelor.

We will continue to report on the situation as information develops. In the meantime, we ask that our readers exercise their best judgement and not harass Mr. Marshall or his crew based on what you may have read in the Galactic News.

Vale Starikov

Dated: 05/27/2362

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