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Long-range Communication Beacons Partially Restored

With very little ado, the Intergalactic Communication Authority announced today that it has completed construction of the first wave of new long-range communication relays. These relays, positioned strategically in deep space, allow audio transmissions to be relayed over vast distances otherwise impossible with standard beacons.

The previous network of beacons were destroyed in a terrorist attack conducted by fringe members of the Confederation of Terran Nations. This time around, the IGA worked closely with members of the Alliance High Guard to ensure not only the safety and security of the network while in construction, but also the long-term security going forward. Sources say that the High Guard has established small defensive outposts positioned between the relay stations, each capable of launching a squadron of fighters. Unconfirmed reports also suggest that the High Guard has deployed a Leviathan to patrol the network and monitor for security threats. When asked for a comment on the matter, High Guard officials would only say that the matter is classified but they are confident in the security measures that they have put into place.

The IGA says that this is the first step in their long term plan to restore full functionality to the system. A spokeswoman for the company told the Galactic News: "We're currently planning three phases. Phase one gets us to 2000 lightyears of coverage, phase two another, and phase three another. When all is said and done, the new network will have more range than the old."

When prompted for a timeline, all the IGA would say is: "Hopefully in the next few years. Definitely less than ten."

Dated: 03/14/2363

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