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Griswold Opens with a Splash

Parker Halvorson-Driscoll, notable retired Hale pilot and playboy of Commoveo nightlife announced his latest investment venture at a press conference last night held in his Commoveo penthouse. Attended by his latest partner, Mason Danforth of Danforth Steel, the sixty-two-year-old Driscoll sipped scotch and shook hands as he worked the crowd of wealthy entrepreneurs and socialites.
Griswold, a marine class planet located in sector 34 was purchased by Driscoll several years ago from the Hale government. Little was known about the goings on beneath the planet's watery blue surface until just a few days ago. Alliance ship computers were denied access, and Hale officials remained close mouthed when approached for questioning. The secrecy finally came to an end last night as Driscoll took the stage for his big announcement.
"I am proud to present the galaxy's first underwater tourist excursion experience," Driscoll told the assembled crowd. "We have a feeding zoo stocked with a variety of native animals as well as the galaxy's first underwater botanical garden." But tourist attractions aren't the only thing Griswold has to offer. Eager pilots and alliance citizens alike will be able to rent apartment space on the newly opened world. Shopping, dining, and exploration are some of the other amenities Griswold has to offer. "I expect this will be a real windfall," Driscoll noted, "sure you have Kentos, but that's more on the research side. Griswold is all about the entertainment."
The ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place on the morning of Saturday, February third in front of a select group of officials. At 11:00 am GST, the landing site will be opened up to alliance pilots. A representative from Griswold Enterprises will be on scene to greet pilots and answer questions. Access for non-pilot alliance citizens will be granted the following day.

Dated: 02/01/2364

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