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"Connecting Acrylon" Initiative puts Princia in the Spotlight

The western mountains of Acrylon have long been inaccessible to tourists and citizens outside the small communities clinging to the snowy slopes. In an effort to connect the rugged western mountain ranges with the commercialized network of cities in the east, the global government convened the Acrylon Connections Committee to tackle the issue. The committee put forward several proposals for landing sites in the western mountains before Princia emerged as the most efficient location.

Located in a mountaintop crater, the small town of Princia is home to a thriving forestry and hunting economy. The landing site is located on a near-by mountaintop, and passengers are ferried back and forth via a suspended platform. In a press conference yesterday, a planetary government spokesperson expressed excitement for the project, calling it the first step towards a more connected world. Reaction is mixed within the community of Princia, but the influx of credits from curious pilots will certainly boost the local economy. The new landing site is now open, and pilots from all over the galaxy are rushing to Acrylon to see what Princia has to offer.

Dated: 09/27/2365

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